Monday, April 14, 2008


No bento today! I had my second cake class tonight and we finally got to decorate a cake! Our homework was to bring a cake, torted/filled/frosted so it is ready to decorate. I am smacking myself on my forehead cause I forgot to take progress pictures. My cake is a coconut dark chocolate cake with a light cherry rum filling and citrus enhanced frosting... yea, see why I should have taken those pictures? The filling looked SO good before I placed the second cake layer on. The next step was frosting the cake and... I got crumbs in my frosting. After I torted my cake (split one 4 inch high cake into two layers), piped a frosting dam and spread the filling, I forgot to invert the second layer so the "bottom" of the cake is on top. In other words, my cut side was up when the baked-bottom side should be up. The cake was so moist (and delish!) that my frosting picked up some crumbs. The result is a really nice, smooth frosting job that resembles cookies-n-cream. I am SO happy with how lump-free my frosting job was, but the crumbs just killed it. Plus, I need to make a mental note that it takes a lot more frosting than I think. Oh well... here she is! I had a hard time thinking of a design until it dawned on me that tomorrow is the dreaded April 15 tax deadline date!!! My co-workers should get a kick out of this tomorrow morning.

We are learning how to pipe designs using different tips and filling in designs with stars. Excuse the specks of cake in my frosting... at least you know its chocolate cake! Before today, I never realized how hard it is to pipe designs... my right hand is a bit sore from practicing for an hour, then decorating the cake. What do you think? I know it's not a ooh-ahh design, but you gotta start somewhere right? Here's a close up of the stars...

Next week, we'll be decorating cupcakes and learning to pipe a bunch of other designs. Stay tuned!

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Yvo said...

Are you kidding me?! That's totally omgs ooh... cuz I can't do it! Wow, nice!!!