Tuesday, April 8, 2008

037 - Chick on the fly

The bf's eye is finally healing and he can see clearer each day. It has been almost two weeks since the surgery, and he should be close to 80% in another two weeks. In the meantime, I have been playing nurse/housekeeper/chef/lawn doctor/gf... *whew* With all the beautiful weather, we've been golf junkies at the local course. Good thing that we can always count on whole rotisserie chicken! I had mine over spring mix salad with some organic carrot sticks for dinner (bf had it over rice). Bento? An instant replay with jasmine rice.

I have been slacking with my posts mainly because I have just been throwing leftovers into random tupperware. It was not arranged nicely and too embarrassing to post. =\

a rotisserie chicken leg and some breast; jasmine rice with
furikake; organic carrot sticks, D'Anjou pear

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Yvo said...

lol, mine never looks nice anymore, I just throw stuff in and run. I still post *poke poke