Wednesday, April 16, 2008

040 - Yes Chef!

I have been hooked on watching Hell's Kitchen! If you haven't watched it before, it is pretty vulgar but very entertaining. No, I do not get joy from watching these people get ripped to pieces (... well, maybe some) but watching the tasks they have to do just make me want to try! Tonight was bf's turn to make dinner, which means I'm his sous chef. I prep/chop all the ingredients into individual bowls, put all the necessary pots/pans onto the stove top and take out all the necessary cooking utensils. As he works through each ingredient, I put it into the dishwasher... and he thinks its funny that I say "Yes, Chef!" every time he asks for something. Ok, I do play along but it makes it more fun that way. Here's his famous meat sauce over linguini. The broccoli was steamed, last minute, in the microwave since I need veggies for dinner. I use a generic seasoning for all my steamed veggies: salt, pepper, garlic powder, and spritz of olive oil. Yum!
They say practice makes perfect, and so did my cake instructor! I baked a batch of white-cake cupcakes and made some plain-o vanilla frosting (from scratch!), then practiced my star tip piping. These are going to work with my bf since my co-workers already polished off a cake two days ago.

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Yvo said...

WOW look at those cupcakes and the designs! Nifty!!!